We are commitment to deliver product on time with zero defect

Pursing perfect products constantly is one of our most important manifestations to satisfy our customers. We have series of management procedures and approaches to assure that our products are in compliance with the customers' requirements through the whole process from the selection of the suppliers, WIP inspection, and outgoing inspection.


Incoming Quality Control

We use strict standard for our raw materials.
All materials must be inspected before getting into our warehouse.
We keep monitoring suppliers continuous improvement activities and build long-term partnership with all suppliers.

In-Process Quality Control

Good products come from good manufacturing but not inspection.
We have standard manufacturing process and detailed work instructions for each operation station in production line to make sure that operation standard are implemented correctly

Final Quality Control
We inspect and control strictly the outgoing products quality according to the international standards and customer standards, follow up the quality performance of products after sales and take rapid and effective improvement actions when there are any abnormal quality feedbacks.